LUNA NECTAR is a 100% natural, vegan and organic lash and brow enhancing serum made in beautiful Vancouver, BC. Mia, the founder of Luna Nectar started this brand out of a void she noticed in the market for non chemical based, natural and affordable lash enhancement serums.

I developed this formula when my sister started using a chemical lash serum with harmful side effects, including eczema on her eyelids, and having many friends and family that had damage done to their lashes using lash extensions. My goal with this product is to show all women that they can enhance and radiate themselves using natural solutions. – Mia | Founder of Luna Nectar 
Now you may be like me and be thinking why dish out any money for lash enhancing serum, put in a bunch of time for results when I  could just grab a pair of falsies from the drugstore, throw some glue on and voila long lashes…? WELL  that is true, it’s a quicker solution however, good lashes do cost money and they are temporary and need to be replaced costing even more money, so over time you really aren’t saving much for temporary results when you could put similar dollars towards an investment to grow long healthy lashes that last with ingredients that are 100% natural!!


When you take a look at the ingredient list for the Moonstone Tonic and know a bit about them then you will definitely agree that there are some power house ingredients in this serum.
There are organic oils, herbal extracts, vitamins and proteins which are full of antioxidants, minerals and phytonutrients all targeted to strengthened and grow your lashes/brows. The ingredient list includes amazing rock stars like: organic Argan Oil (my personal favourite… this stuff is gold!), Bamboo Extract, Red Clover Extract, organic Castor Oil (this stuff is a beast too), and organic Aloe Vera.  The list goes on, but the starting line up already looks pretty amazing so I have good faith in the results of this rockin’ serum. It also comes in this cute little bamboo container with a chic, minimal and natural design that is easy to throw in your purse, toiletry bag or store beautifully in your bathroom.


What is the product worth if it doesn’t yield results right? I’ve tried two different lash serums prior to Luna Nectar, one natural and one chemical based and neither had any growth results. Now I’m just starting my round of serum so I don’t have any personal before and after pictures to show you yet, HOWEVER I pulled some pictures from their website to show you just how serious this stuff really is and how good the results have been for others. TAKE A LOOK.
The serum is super easy to apply, you just spread it across the root of your lash line and lightly spread it throughout the lashes. They recommend to apply right before bed, once a day for best results!
With your first purchase you can use the code ‘NEWNECTAR’ for 10% off  AND there is a discounted price on the serum for those who pay for automatic ship/pay subscription. SHOP HERE for the tonic and also make sure to check out their FAQ page for all the answers to those questions like, how long before you will see results and stuff like that!!



LUNA NECTAR is partnering with @FallForLocal Market to give away THREE tickets to the Fall For Local Market at the Pipe Shop in North Vancouver from Sept 9 – 10!

So many local goodies and exciting brands at this event and we are honoured to be among them! Fall for Local is an initiative to foster a collaborative community while encouraging entrepreneurship.


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Contest closes on August 29 at 11:59pm PST. Good luck!

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