Jill and I have gotten the privilege of meeting and featuring some inspiring people on our blog Sutton + Grove. I love meeting the entrepreneurs behind brands and hearing their stories, how they got started, what motivated them and why they care about conscious fashion. This blog post features ethical menswear from Lyme Terrace.

This past week we packed up our travel backpacks and hit the road for an epic adventure, we plan on traveling throughout Europe and hitting up east Asia after that. To read a little more about that check out our post: ‘Why we Sold our Stuff to Travel the World‘ After landing in London totally jet-lagged, we dragged ourselves to our Airbnb and crashed hard. The next morning we hit the tube and dropped in at a local coffee shop and connected with Andy the co-founder of Lyme Terrace. His mate Alex(co-founder of Lyme & Terrace) couldn’t make it so we just drank an extra coffee for him…


It was an interesting meeting with Andy. He is very relaxed and laid back and had a surfer vibe going on. It was a free-flowing conversation and by the end, he was recommending various spots in Scotland that Jill and I had to visit on our way up to Perth.

Andy shared his and Alex’s vision for their brand which was pretty simple yet powerful: To change the minds of the majority by connecting male consumers with eco-conscious apparel that’s sourced transparently and treats it’s workers ethically. He shared that Lym Terrace makes all of its clothes in the UK and will always do so.

One topic that Andy and I connected on and feel really feel strongly about is the lack of guys interested in conscious fashion! There are quite a few conscious female bloggers and many many amazing brands geared towards the ethical female consumer but finding bloggers, brands and social enterprises geared towards the conscious male is quite difficult(If your reading this and your a conscious male blogger please hit me up and let’s connect, I’d love to hear why you care and how you got into this arena!).

I feel strongly that a conscious lifestyle isn’t just for women(although there are many amazing female bloggers/brands out there), or softer guys, it’s also for football-loving, plaid-wearing, pint chugging manly men. Caring about the environment, the people that make our clothes, and struggling artisans around the world is a noble thing and something worthy of us guys supporting! It’s my mission to show that a guy can be a conscious blogger, care about all these issues going on in our world and yet love sports, drink beer and be one of the fellas as well.


Lyme Terrace is an ethical menswear brand, founded in Britain and made specifically for the conscious man. They use organic, regenerated & recycled fabrics for their apparel and make their clothes in Britain using transparent supply chains.

Guy in pink ethical menswear sweater


I was gifted the recycled polyester ‘Desert Sweater‘ as a part of featuring Lyme Terrace on Sutton + Grove. I received an XL size and it fits perfectly on my 6’2 220-pound frame(1.87m & 15 stone/100kg). Usually, European sized shirts aren’t a long enough fit for me but this sweater fit long and slim, which is just how I like it. It also has a soft, luxurious feel that will make you want to wear it all the time.

The Desert Sweater is made from an innovative fabric that is made with recycled polyester yarn created from PET plastic bottles. These plastic bottles are recycled off the coast of Portugal and 18 recycled bottles are used to create 1 Lyme Terrace ‘Desert Sweater’. It is 100% manufactured in the UK and the supply chain is completely transparent. This means every part of the sweaters life-cycle can be tracked and questioned which is a pretty transparent thing for a brand to do(Read more about their transparent supply chain HERE). Most big labels do not have a transparent supply chain which means that you can’t be sure that the supply chain is conscious and fair to all the artisans along the way. Lyme Terrace is heavily involved in their supply chain ensuring this transparency is the real deal.

You can buy the ‘Desert Sweater’ HERE
Lymm Terrace Sweater Ethical Menswear featuring a fellaGuy in sweater from Lymm Terrace

To shop head to their website HERE 

This post was sponsored by Lyme Terrace. All opinions are our own and written honestly. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Read More HERE