This is my review, featuring made in Bali clothes from Last Layer!

Bali has become like a second home to Luke and I, having spent just over 4 months in total living there in 2018. We’ve made some great friends and one in particular who has inspired me to write this blog post all about her fashion brand Last Layer AND her co-founded ethical manufacturing house Not a Stitch Up. I have to admit, most of her pieces I own I wore unashamedly for days on end, especially the Slip Suit.

Model on the beach wearing clothes made in Bali.

Last Layer founded by my friend Zeph Jackson is a fashion and accessories brand made up of a collection of talented artisans, innovators, and designers. Last Layer creates a space and a demand for artisan-made apparel and shares consciously made apparel and upcycled bags.

There are no seasonal collections made at Last Layer as the brand believes overproduction and overconsumption are two main issues that are leading to environmental downfalls. Collections are created organically and feature consciously made apparel.


The ‘Natural Apparel Collection’ is made in-house at Last Layer’s ethical manufacturing production house in Canggu, Bali (which I had the privilege of visiting when we were living there). Included with her beautiful effortless fashion pieces, Zeph also sells upcycled bags and accessories from recycled materials found in Sri Lanka. SHOP HERE to check out some of these beautiful well-made pieces I am featuring.Girl smiling with jungle in the background wears clothes that are made in Bali. Model posing in the jungle wearing made in Bali clothes. Girl doing Yoga on a balcony - Featuring Made in Bali clothes. Made in Bali - Girl in the Jungle Made in Bali - Girl looks at waterfall

NOT A STITCH UP | Ethical Manufacturing House

Last Layers founder, Zepha Jackson and jewelry maker, Millie Savage opened up an ethical manufacturing production house called ‘Not A Stick Up’ in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia. Both Zeph and Mil work in the studio/office and oversee every single stitch and all production. They work closely with their team of talented artisans and create a lovely team atmosphere. The full process of production is transparent showcasing a conscious supply chain.


This post features LAST LAYER.  All opinions are our own and written honestly. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Read More HERE