Made Trade is an online ethical marketplace full of curated conscious goods. They source goods from artisans and makers around the world that adhere to their values and only the best fair trade, sustainable products are featured on their platform.

You can find anything from sustainable fashion to eco-friendly cookware to ethically sourced furniture pieces .


If you are looking for an all in one ethical marketplace with clearly defined products according to values then look no further than Made Trade.


If you’ve been following our move across the pond to the United Kingdom you’ll know that we’ve really taken our time furnishing our new house. We wanted as many items as possible to be either a DIY project, thrifted or purchased/gifted from sustainable brands. We’ve built upcycled tables from throwaway wood, thrifted couches and dressers and we’ve also carefully selected sustainable home goods.

We are honored to have the opportunity to work with Made Trade and carefully chose a few items to add to our cute sustainable home. Here are the products we selected and the brands they are from!


This beautiful vase was crafted from soapstone and was made in Kenya from a company called Rose & Fitzgerald. It is not watertight but intended for decorative purposes and accents like dried eucalyptus or as I’ve styled it, with pampas grass reeds. I chose this piece because it provides a strong accent to decorate in a variety of places like the centrepiece on a table, or even a bedside table which is where I’m thinking I might move it to once my bedroom is completed.


This mid-century modern inspired coaster set is made from pure brass and smooth, marbled soapstone.  Each coaster is handmade which makes every piece one of a kind! It is also from Rose & Fitzgerald with their studio based in Kampala, Uganda. I chose this product because I love using coasters and it’s a practical item to have in the living room that is also so gorgeous to look at too.


 ICHCHA creates beautiful home products and works closely with the female artisans that they partner with in India. They want to promote traditional methods like block printing, hand weaving, and hand embroidery and are committed to having a minimal impact on the planet. All fabrics are made from chemical-free cotton and hand spun.

These curtains are made from 100% lightweight cotton and hand-printed used carved wooden blocks. I chose these curtains because I decided I wanted a barrier between our conservatory and the living room. These curtains act as the perfect barrier and accent and provide a well desired pop of color to the room as well.


With the holiday season coming up it is getting time to buy gifts for friends and a family. If you are like me then you don’t like buying or even receiving cheap throwaway gifts. One of my favorite styles of gifting is a white elephant gift exchange where you  bring one or two gifts worth a pre-determined amount, and then you play the swapping game in order to determine which gift you receive. So whether you are like me and you keep gifts minimal during the holidays or you love to buy gifts for the whole family it is useful to know where you can buy a good quality gift.

 Made trade has created some really handy gift guides on their website. Take a look.

Screenshot from Made Trade website

You can organize gifts by price, gender and there’s even a stocking stuffer option.

Shop Made Trade’s Holiday Gift Guide

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