Margaret Hennessey makes handmade High Quality Leather Bags specializing in bags, clutches, and purses. Margaret’s timeless designs are created with functionality in mind, as many of her bags can be worn in different useful ways. Each bag is handmade in small batches, using vegetable-tanned leather and American made hardware.


All of Margaret Hennessey’s high quality leather bags are handmade in a Durham, NC studio. The vegetable-tanned leather is sourced from a 100-year old tannery that uses time tested traditional plant-based techniques to create the leather.

The process of creating vegetable-tanned leather takes quite a while to properly execute and is the oldest and most intricate process of tanning leather.  There are much faster ways to tan leather nowadays but they usually involve a heap load of chemicals and aren’t good for the environment.

Some of the benefits of vegetable tanned leather include:

  • Longer product life.
  • Natural smells.
  • Ages well and molds into a unique finish.
  • Eco-Friendly and better for the environment.
  • Traditionally created which preserves artisans traditions.


Margaret Hennessey bags are biodegradable, eco-friendly and thanks to the vegetable tanned leather are so buttery soft. Their bags are made with vegetable tanned leather so they don’t smell like chemicals, instead, they smell more earthy and natural. The Undyed leather darkens with time when it is exposed to the sun and rain.


This chic little bag is made for just your essentials and is highly versatile.  It comes with two different adjustable straps, one shorter strap and one longer strap, both to  help the bag transform into a clutch, pouch, fanny, or shoulder bag across the body. As far as styling goes I found that it pairs well with jeans (to dress it down) but also looks glamorous with a little black dress. I can take it on a hike or take it out on the town, it truly is a chic little versatile bag.

The two zippered compartments are large enough to store your smartphone, money, keys, lipgloss, sunglasses and for all the travelers out there your passport fits perfectly as well! This chic little bag hugs your body and thanks to the zipper protection it makes for a great carry on item or travel bag because it keeps your hands free but your items safe and secure.

I personally loved the fanny style of this bag. I never used to like fanny bags, I guess the 90s chick in me never was sold on those bulky, neon patterned sacks. But the fanny is definitely making a come back in modern fashion, and this one is pretty chic if you ask me. It’s not bulky at all, and I love that it doesn’t put any stress on my shoulder and still feels secure on my hip without taking away from my outfit.

The mini is made using butter-vegetable leather and is also available in black.

You can shop this bag and all the other amazing leather pieces from the new collection HERE 

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