Miakoda was created by two sisters Julia and Laura in 2013 and is a modern athleisure line combining the comfort of coziness and the beauty of looking and feeling chic. All of their products are sustainably made in Brooklyn New York with organic materials.

At Miakoda they believe that sustainable design can be sexy, while at the same time not sacrificing a fashionable modern look. They value having compassion while creating a product that looks and feels good. I certainly appreciate this perspective as many ethical clothing companies have a great vision and support wonderful non-profits or create their clothes in an admirably sustainable method of production yet lack a fashion-forward look. Miakoda manages to create clothes that are fashion-forward yet also have a strong value for sustainable methods of production.

I love athleisure clothing so when I saw there over-sized black hoodie I knew I’d love it and sure enough, I do! It’s great for lounging around the house in my fav sweats or dressing up with a sleek pair of jeans.

I quite like the way they put this line on their website www.miakodanewyork.com/

By wearing our skillfully crafted clothes you are revolutionizing the fashion industry.

Athleisure Look from Miakoda New York

To check out Miakoda’s newest collection head on over to their website and add a chic modern looked to your ethical wardrobe. By supporting talented artists like these we can keep production organic, sustainable and local. If you love my oversized athleisure hoodie and want to grab one for yourself I have attached the link below.

Miakoda – Oversized Hoodie