Minimalism is a journey towards owning less, it is centered around living consciously with only the things that we really need. Earlier this year I wrote a little Introduction to Minimalism which explained some of the core ideas of this counterculture movement towards cutting out excess and owning less.

I love feeling free. Freedom can mean many things but one core thing that really helps me feel free is not owning a lot of stuff. I try to only keep and use things that I really like and/or need. I monitor the stuff in my life regularly and if I’m sensing that I have too much excess I won’t hesitate to start cutting selling and giving away what I don’t need. One area of my life that I frequently monitor is my closet.

There are a few staple items of clothing that are my go to’s. I’ve got a favorite pair of jeans, a couple t-shirts that are just long enough and fit perfectly and a sick leather jacket… You get the gist. I wear what I like and what I feel good in and I don’t wear things that I don’t feel good in and don’t really like. Rocket science right? It’s not at all, we wear what we feel good in and what we like.

Well, just recently I took a closer more critical look at my closet and realized clothes had started to pile up. I had a lot more than just my go-to items in my closet. The hangers were all full and the piles on the shelf were getting pretty high.  I needed to cut some clothes.

I have put together 3 simple rules for those who need some help in order to know how to cut some clothes.

3 Simple Tips to Help Cut Some Clothes


I know, I know you are gonna lose some weight and then they will fit right? Or perhaps you are going to gain some muscle and fill out those clothes. Let’s be real, if an item doesn’t fit why keep it? If you do end up losing that weight or gaining that muscle then you can always go out and grab a new pair of jeans but in the meantime do yourself a favor and get rid of these items that aren’t fitting!


Ok, so you have cut some clothes, well done. This step may take a bit more convincing than the last. Now I know all of you are yelling ‘What about T-shirts, socks, and Underwear!!!??’ so let me answer that first off here. I do have multiple white t shirts and multiple pairs of black boxers. Because these items are worn underneath everything else and get worn out faster it does make sense to own multiple pairs of these items. Ok, so the disclaimer is over! Let’s talk about jackets, pants, sweaters, sweatshirts, and yes dresses, skirts etc for the ladies. Do you really need 2 black hoodies? 2 leather jackets? 4 pairs of light blue jeans? If you are striving to own less and become a minimalist then the answer is a resounding no. Which of the 2 hoodies do you like better? Pick the one that is your go-to.

If you want to own less, owning 2 or more of these kind of items will only make for an excessive closet! Just think instead of buying 2 cheap black hoodies you could buy one quality hoody that will last and become go-to for you.


I think this one is pretty easy. If you can’t remember the last time you wore a piece of clothing it’s probably safe to say that it’s not one of your favorite items to wear. Why let it pile up your closet? Give it away to someone else who might actually wear it!

I hope these simple tips will help you cut some clothes. Cutting clothes that don’t fit, that you don’t wear and that you don’t need is a necessary step towards living more minimally. It is also a great step towards appreciating quality. When you own less you can own higher quality items. Instead of buying a lot of cheap items I have started to train myself to buy good quality items.

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