Myssy is one of our favorite brands. Both Jill and I just love their story and their beanies (or Myssys) are so darn warm and comfortable. My favorite part of the Myssy story is the fact that their products are knitted by grannies from Finland!


Jill and I recently picked up our Christmas tree. We went with a tree rental to not be as wasteful this year. The farm we rented from was a couple of hours away and even though the sun was shining it was still really cold out so we brought our new Myssy hats with us! We decided to go all-natural with our decorations as well so when we got home we had all of our DIY homemade decorations waiting for the tree. We spent the evening with our Myssy hats decorating our tree with Christmas music blasting in the background and cozy warm drinks in hand – it was a fun day (scroll to see more pictures of the final look).

We’ve actually featured Myssy before on our blog and if you are interested in reading our first blog post featuring Myssy from a couple of years ago you can do so HERE.


Pic from Myssy website 

This is without a doubt my favorite part of the Myssy story. Every single Myssy hat is knitted by Grandmas in Pöytyä, Finland. Everything is handknit and you know it’s going to be top-notch quality because these grannies mean business. These are modern grandmas that are all retired but passionate knitters. Once a month the grannies all get together for what they call a ‘knitting circle’!! They drink coffee, share stories and hats are knit. Every single Myssy product is signed by a knitting granny.

If you are interested in learning more about the grannies, meeting a few of them and hearing their stories check out the link below:

Myssy Grannies


Everything Myssy creates is done locally in Finland. The yarn is spun in Finland, hand-dyed in Finland and the wool is traced to local farms, yes in Finland.  Let’s dive in a little deeper just in case you are doubting me.

Myssy wool is sourced from organic Finnsheep farms. This type of wool is incredibly soft, lightweight and dense.  I will say that Myssy products are the softest wool that I have worn, which is perfect for something like a beanie that needs to be comfortable so as not to get itchy.

Anyways back to the responsible production and local sourcing process – Myssy sheep are sheared twice a year and taken to a local Finnish farm. The wool is hand washed very carefully, spun and returned to the Myssyfarmi. The colors are then hand-dyed with eco-certified dyes after this process. The entire lifecycle of Myssy products are 100% traceable. The owners Janne and Anna know exactly where the wool comes from, the names of the sheep that were sheered and of course they know the knitting grannies quite well!

Pic from Myssy website 


The Original Collection was launched back in 2009 and was the first collection from Myssy and knitted by grannies! It is their most loved collection and a classic design. I’ll be sporting my black Myssy original all winter that’s for darn sure. It fits a bit larger which is good for those who have bigger heads like myself, and it’s got a slouchy longer design so you can tuck it under for a cool urban look.

Guy wearing beanie knitted by grannies

MUFFI in Natural Light Brown

The Muffi is a fluffy n’ funky wool hat that is made for outsiders and those who dare to live life outside of the lines. Jill loves this hat and wears it quite often. She wears it folded up as shown in the pictures, as well as how I do with my beanie so it’s quite versatile.

Girl wearing beanie knitted by grannies Women drinking coffee with christmas tree and fire in background Model sitting in front of christmas tree in beanie knitted by grannies

Couple in front of Christmas Tree wearing beanies Knitted by Grannies

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