Last month Luke and I had the privilege of heading down to Devon, UK to visit the workshop of Naturalmat, the natural mattress company where our gifted mattress was coming from.


All the materials that go into a Naturalmat product are 100% natural and from a sustainable resource that is harvested according to Fair Trade principles. Where possible, they buy from local sources and they always make an effort to keep their carbon footprint as low as possible. 


Their workshop is located in the beautiful countryside of Devon, UK  and we decided to take a road trip down to see exactly how our mattress was going to be made and hear more about the process and history of the company. Some of the materials they use in their mattresses are organic coir which is the husk of coconuts, organic lambswool, organic cotton, natural latex, cashmere, and off-cut denim. They also have solar panels on their workshop which offsets the energy they use for their machinery.

Even though Naturalmat is an international company with a very extensive client list, their workshop felt still smaller scale, personal and quaint. We had a chat with some of the staff who were finishing our mattress while we were there and their joy and dedication to their job was very evident. You can really tell the craftsmanship and quality of the products they made.

What’s also really unique about Naturalmat is they make every mattress custom. This means if you are like us, and want your mattress a UK king width and US queen length, they’ll make it that way!


The mattress was delivered to us within two weeks of our visit and we’ve now spent just over a month sleeping on it. You can definitely tell the quality of the mattress.  We ordered their Superb Pocket Sprung Firm mattress. This firm mattress feels softer than others that I’ve slept on. It is comfortable, and soft but I was hoping for a little more support because of my back issues. Nonetheless, after sleeping on it for a month I can say my body has adjusted to it and we do have good sleeps on it.

They sell a variety of other mattresses with different materials listed on their site. shot of a natural mattress

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Natural Bedding from NaturalMat

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This mattress was gifted to us from NATURALMAT. All opinions are our own and written honestly. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Read More HERE