Novotel Zurich City West is close to the Zurich Airport and just a quick bus away from the city center. It is a perfect place for a business retreat and has spacious rooms, comfortable furniture, a fitness room, and a tasty buffet breakfast in the hotel restaurant. There are also 7 modern business meeting rooms for functions and it even has an escape room.

Jill and I both really enjoyed our stay and found it to be a comfortable resting place during our busy European trip!


Novotel Zurich City West is a part of AccorHotels which has a program called PLANET 21 which demonstrates ambitious goals for 2020 centered on two key issues of food and the buildings. These goals will be based on four priorities within these key issues:

  1. Work with its Employees
  2. Involve its Customers
  3. Innovation with Partners
  4. Work in the Local Communities


At AccorHotels they ask customers to reuse their towels with the savings from using less water and energy being used to plant trees. The goals for 2020 is to plant a tree every minute.

The beds in Novotel hotels are made of wood sourced from sustainably-managed forests according to FSC certification.

Bedspreads and pillowcases are made from recycled plastic bottles.

The soap, shower gel, and shampoo is eco-certified as well as all the cleaning products.

Little things like energy-saving lightbulbs in receptions areas and rooms with a central switch to easily turn off the power.


We enjoyed the tastiest buffet breakfast at Novotel Zurich City West, they supplied tons of lovely local fruits and veggies grown in the kitchen gardens.

The Accur Hotel groups specifically make an effort to reduce food waste and have banned the use of overfished species in their restaurants.

At the Gourmet Bar you can grab a bite to eat anytime or just sip on a delicious cocktail, menus include snacks and meals of various international inspirations.


Jill and I took on the escape room that is in one of the rooms in the hotel. We both had a blast and found it to be quite a difficult and interesting room to figure out. We managed to escape!

Visit Zurich City West Here