Ocean Therapy.

The Ocean holds a special place in my heart.

I grew up with the west coast at my finger tips, traveled to the east coast shores for holidays and now currently live on an island surrounded by the sea (England for those who are curious).

The sounds, the smells, the view that sucks you into the beautiful abyss – it’s nothing short of magical.

Nature as a whole is so healing to be in and I always tend to gravitate to the ocean when I am in need of deep reflection, slowing down my mind and just soaking in the present.

I’m not always the best at expressing myself in words so I decided to search for a few poems about the ocean to help express how I feel about it.

I found these three beautiful poems that I feel illustrate our glorious ocean waters quite delightfully and may provide you with some ocean therapy:



Seagulls soar above her surf,
The sun reflects and gleams,
While people come from miles around
To stroll upon her beach.

Her touch conveys an icy chill
Through her stinging, foamy spray,
While her thunderous waves rush to the shore,
Then gently roll away.

Her blue horizon meets the sky,
The end cannot be seen
While her salty fragrance fills the air
And floats upon the breeze.

She safely cradles in her arms
The boats that bounce upon her tides
And plays coy with all the surfers
Who beckon for another ride.

She can distract us from our worries.
She can lure and hypnotize.
With the rhythm of her movement
And her beauty in our eyes.

She’s a force that can’t be reckoned with,
A power to revere.
She’s a lovely, sweet seductress
Who we long to settle near.

There are no words that truly tell
The splendor of her face
Or recreate that feeling,
Of such a warm and peaceful place.

The ocean is a lovely gift.
She’s God’s great Masterpiece.
A miracle we can behold
That gives us reason to believe.

Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/a-miracle-to-behold




The sea, the sea, the glorious, emerald sea,
Stretches as far as my sight carries me.

What tranquility, what treasures, what beauties dwell
In her fathomless depth, only God can tell.

Sometimes, I find her as gentle as a mother to her child.
Yet, when furious, she is as cruel as the beasts in the wild.

As I sit by the sea, watching the evening sun descend low,
The silver ripples shiver and the golden waters glow.

Oh sea,oh sea, oh glorious boundless sea.
Thou glitter like silver, as the moon shines upon thee.

We are born to fade away and some day we would never-
Return to cherish the glories of God, which would be there forever.

By: © Saira Obaidullah



As I look from the edge of the ocean
Glimmering golden, for it’s almost dawn
So many waves coming towards me
And yet I know, there’s a lot more going on

What I’m seeing is only one part
The ocean stretches, for miles around
So many creatures with fins and gills
So many miles below the ground

There might be a million ships sailing these seas
Some might be sunk, some still alive
Some encased in big, big storms
Trying to survive

The waves are splashing closer and closer
As I realize the world is bigger than it seems
And as I stare into the ocean bed
In golden light, it gleams

From octopusses to fishes
The ocean holds them, big or small
And with that I know
That I barely know the world at all

By: Harshita Das aged 11

I’m going to be starting a new series on my YouTube of ambient music and nature sounds coupled with lovely nature scenes to help bring a little of the outside inside for you.

What is your go to nature therapy?



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