This past week we decided to test out the new Pakt Anywhere Collection on the road. We packed our bags and headed north to the Scottish Highlands. Initially we didn’t know where we were going to go we just jumped in the car and started driving.

I had been once before to the Scottish Highlands, on a fun hiking trip up the second largest mountain in Scotland – Ben Macdui. However when I went, I drove with a friend at night both on the way up and back so I didn’t really get a chance to soak in my surroundings.

This time up we were determined to soak it all in!

The entire trip from Manchester area to our final destination in the highlands – Loch Lochy was close to 7 hours of driving so we decided to break it up into a couple days.

On the first day we started our journey from our home village which is near Manchester and then drove to Glasgow staying over night in the city.

We brought all four of the new Anywhere Collection Pakt bags on the trip, each playing a specific roll on the journey. For starters, Luke packed his stuff in the 25L Duffle and I used the Anywhere 50L. They both were the perfect size for each of our belongings. Keep scrolling to find out more on these below.

From Glasgow we drove up through Loch Lomond, a lake many people go to enjoy as it’s only 45min ish from Glasgow city – it reminded me of the lakes back in Canada.


We then continued north east from Loch Lomond to cross the border into the Scottish highlands. As soon as you cross the “border” you are welcomed with gorgeous views and valleys of Glencoe. I knew it must have rich history and stories to tell – you could feel it as you drove through. I did a quick google search of what might have been filmed in the area and it turns out the opening credits of Outlander was filmed here!

From Glencoe we continued on to one of the most internationally recognisable locations in Scotland – only I’m sure many people wouldn’t even know it was in the Scottish Highlands ( I sure didn’t when I first looked it up).


That spot is the Glenfinnan Viaduct, or more famously known as Hogswarts Express Bridge! I always say that some tourist “attractions” are worth the hype and this one is one of those spots. We ended up going twice, once on the first day of our drive and then the second the following morning. The reason being was that the steam train came around at a specific time each morning and it puts on a “show” for those watching on the hillside so naturally I had to see it.

We ended up getting there an hour before the train was to come around and it was already packed with people. We parked at the foot of the viaduct and had to do a little hike up to the lookout spot on the hillside. The 5L Sling came in very handy for this little adventure as I was able to fit my phone, sunglasses, water bottle and jacket comfortably inside.  It has a surprising amount of room inside!

When the train came everyone cheered and it stopped on the tracks for a photo-op and then proceeded to toot it’s horn, puff the steam and carried on for all to watch. It was really neat and I’m not even a huge Harry Potter fan.


From Glenfinnan we then drove to our final destination which ended up being a lovely, remote hotel on the lake side of Loch Lochy called the Whispering Pine Lodge Hotel. It was a lovely evening spent enjoying the views as the sun went down over the horizon of the mountains in front of us.

The next day we packed up our bags and headed home on our long journey back to England.


On our way home the next day, the sun was shining and the weather was warm so we decided to pull off the highway in Glencoe, just before leaving the highlands, for a little midday picnic. The Gear Hauler acted as the perfect picnic basket packed with our food drinks and blanket that we set up on the grass in front of the car.

We spent almost two hours just hanging out in the sun soaking in the scenic mountain views before we packed up and head off back home.

It was a lovely road trip and each of the Pakt Anywhere Collection bags served us well throughout our time on the road.

If you’re interested in checking out a bit more details about PAKT and their new versatile Anywhere Collection here’s some information on the brand and bags below.


Pakt was founded thanks to a bunch of crazy requests from raving fans of the ‘Minamalism’ documentary a fears years ago. It resulted in a collaboration between Malcolm Fontier, The Minimalists videographer Matt D’avella, and Sprout Studios.

From this collaboration, a glorious minimalist bag was launched for the public called The Pakt One back in 2017.

Now after several years and much feedback from fans and customers they’ve come out with their most versatile line yet, the Anywhere Collection.


Travel like a pro, live like a local.

This four piece luggage collection was designed with a mobile lifestyle in mind by Travelers! So you know these pieces are going to be functional with plenty of pockets and zippers.

It comes in three different colors and are now  are now available to shop on Indiegogo HERE 

Pic from PAKT 


This little beauty is perfect for flights and day trips! It’s got enough pockets for your wallet, keys, earbuds, a book, chargers, water bottle and whatever you need for a day trip. It’s also designed for both men and women to enjoy.


This one is Luke’s favorite! It’s the perfect gym bag, weekend trip duffel and is even stylish enough to pull off taking it to the office.

You’ll find plenty of zippers, pockets, and compartments to store all your favorite items including handy storage for water bottles!

This one is a winner.


This bag is extra unique as it serves as both a duffle and a backpack!
The Anywhere 50L is capable of both, perfect for your backpacking trips as a carry-on but also as an everyday duffle.

It’s got tons of storage, zippers, and handy compartments in all the right places.


This bad boy is a beast and is probably my personal favorite.

It’s the perfect bag to keep in your vehicle and you can use it for trips to the beach, groceries, sports gear, and well anything really.

It converts from a v60L open carry crate to a massive 120L zippered tote.


Check out a previous collaboration with Pakt where Luke and I featured their new Minimalist Backpack HERE



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