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I stumbled upon Pela Case one day during an Instagram scrolling session. I was actively looking for a sustainable phone case. When I first saw the case I loved the unique speckled design. A few clicks later I was navigating Pela’s website and discovered their passion for eco-friendly materials and sustainable options and knew I’d found a great product.

Our mission is to make sustainable, eco-friendly products. The new normal starts with a product that you hold every day.” Pela Case

A Sustainable Phone Case Option

Pela Cases are created with a sustainable plastic alternative called Flaxstic which is made of recycled materials, plant-based biopolymers and flax straw waste. Developed in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada, Pela Case uses Canadian flax oilseed byproduct in its material makeup.

Did you know that Saskatchewan grows the largest amount of oilseed flax in the world?  Pela Case is creating another source of revenue for local farmers by using this otherwise often wasted material. Flax adds a light, strong material to the phone case’s makeup and is a natural shock absorber (something I’ve needed slot recently!)

Sustainable Phone Case
Pela cases are 100% compostable and are made to be an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic cases.

BPA free and NSF tested, the cases are made with the lowest impact possible and use significantly less greenhouse gas emissions(60% less) than plastic. In line with this, All Pela Cases are packed minimally and shipped plastic-free.

Plastic Alternative

In the first ten years of this century, we have produced more plastic than the entire last century. Plastic never goes away and we are creating an enormous amount of it daily. It is polluting our oceans with billions of pounds of plastic litter is floating in the world’s oceans killing marine life and endangering species.

These are just a few of the devastating facts on plastic and we are starting to realize the devastating impact of plastic on our world. Sustainable plastic alternatives like Flaxstic™ are doing their part by creating solutions to the plastic problem.

Pela is an eco-friendly company that has made its mission clear: Reduce, Alleviate, Educate & Build. Reduce plastic waste by creating sustainable solutions and educating consumers on these incredible solutions.

I chose their black case and they have a variety of other colors and size options.

The customer service is amazing and the personalized note I was given was such a great warming touch.

If you are looking for a new case or want to get your friend or family member this is a great gift!

Sustainable Phone Case from Pela Case in Canada pictured on a chopping board with leaves
Iphone with a Starbucks Iced Coffee


A Sustainable Phone Case from Pela Case

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