Photo by Jared Belson

I want to introduce you to Planet Bee.

I’ve not always been a huge fan of bees. I think I’m like most people and tend to jump, squeal or even run for my life when they are near me. However a few years back I was watching an informative Ted Talks on the importance of bees and how they help the planet, and from then on I have had a newfound respect and love for them (even though I still jump, squeal and run).


Bee’s pollinate plants. If we lose plants, we lose our fruits, vegetables, nuts, flowers and may other necessary foods that produce the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients we need to live. It also indirectly affects dairy products and meat as bees pollinate the plants that are eaten by the livestock that produces meat & dairy. This is just one of the many amazing advantages the bee provides the environment.

On the Planet Bee Foundation site, they explain that:

One in every three bites you take is made possible by bees, but in 2016 we lost 44% of managed beehives. At Planet Bee we believe everyone can make a difference for bees.


Planet Bee Foundation’s central mission is to create awareness and a focus on caring for the health and protection of the honeybee and the environment. They do this by educating people and working with nonprofits, schools, and businesses to accomplish this worthy mission.


Planet Bee provides one-day workshops called ‘humble honey bee’ which provides a hands-on opportunity for students and organizations to learn more about the honey bee and how to take of our environment. They don’t just read facts and show videos, there are interactive exercises that help people engage and understand better.

They also do something called the ‘Zombie Watch Project‘ which partners with San Fran State University to bring science into the classroom. Students help participate and provide honey bee research that benefits real scientists.

Something I really love is the ‘Adopt-A-Hive Program’ which lets you bring an actual beehive to your school campus. How neat is that! Planet Bee staff bring the hive and provide lessons for the students who can suit up and play the role of a beekeeper. It’s a great way to get a closer look at the honeybee and get hands-on experience. Their beekeepers maintain the hive and collaborate with school staff and students to learn how to do the beekeeping trade. Such a cool project!

Planet Bee isn’t just engaging with the educational community, they also are active in the business arena. They have a project called: the ‘Be Green Initiative’ which educates and engages with businesses of all sizes. Planet Bee helps these businesses install actual beehives on corporate land and provide workshops, training and introduce beekeeping clubs. I just love this idea, it’s so innovative and unique.

Finally, you can have Planet Bee come to your party with ‘Bee-Day Parties’ where they will come and set up for the day and educate through bringing a hive with actual honey bees. They also organize games and activities which make this project the perfect birthday party surprise for your science-loving child.


You can partner with Planet Bee through any of the programs I introduced you to or by supporting their mission online via their shop.

Check them out HERE

You can also support them through their sister company Marin Bee Company where they sell face & body beauty products. Shop their products HERE