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For over a couple of years now I’ve had platinum blonde hair.

I need to start this tutorial with a quick story about the journey I went on to get my hair where it is today. It started when I eagerly and excitedly decided to ask my (previous) salon to have them transform my long, brown locks into a short, platinum blonde hair angled bob.

Long (and quite frustrating) story short I ended up NOT getting platinum, rather a very warm (pee) color. Three different hairstylists, and two different salons later I still was left with light-ish blonde hair, but not the platinum blonde hair I wanted. No one was willing to go that light for me, which is fair enough… since at this point my once almost untouched brown hair had gone through the wringer.

So, being the resourcefully, savvy and determined person that I am, I took to Google and discovered that it wasn’t as hard as I had been told and also thought it would be. I was needing to go from pee yellow to almost white and I was (and am not) a professional. So with extreme caution, and much questioning, I went to my local Sally’s Beauty store and I bought some developer, bleach powder, and toner and set out on a journey to get the platinum blonde hair that I wanted.

This tutorial is really just how I do my touch-ups, but the process is quite similar (if not a bit easier) with doing a full head.

Now before I really get into the details, I want to say this… I know my hair. My original color is medium brown and I know that it lifts fairly easily with bleach. I also know how much bleach my hair can handle now before it starts to get burnt (melt). So PLEASE be careful and know how much bleach you have on your hair before you proceed, and make sure to not get too sloppy with leaving it in too long either because I’ve had a round of root filling that went a bit too long and has paid for it with really weak hair in that area.

NOW for the goods….

To achieve this platinum blonde hair there are a few things that you will need. First, you need the following ‘ingredients.’ These are the ones I use, any other combo will work fine (except for the toner… the toner I would strongly suggest to use this one as it gets the best, white color I’ve found). I also want to suggest a great trick I’ve found works well for both hydrating as well as helping control my mane when I’m doing my roots.


It’s one of the only oils that the bleach will penetrate through.

So I’ll share what I do, and the products I use with links below to where you can purchase them yourself… and as for you, you may need a stronger developer (however I would proceed with anything more than 20 developer with caution…. since it’s easier to fry your head with 30 or 40 developer).



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  • Violet Prism Lites Lightener (Violet works well for hair that takes yellow out… blue takes orange out…doesn’t OVERLY matter but I just found that my results are better with the violet) + Other Options



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1. The first thing you need to do is get a little bowl of coconut oil, warm it up a bit and then comb it through your hair with your fingers or just a normal comb. Make sure your hair is fully coated.

Wash your Hair - Platinum Blonde Hair DIY2. Part your hair into four sections as I have shown below. I’ve done it both ways, with and without doing this, and it does help to do it this way as it just helps to organize your hair.. and if you’re doing it yourself, it can get messy. (You could probably get it a bit neater than I have below… ha I did mine quickly.) NOTE:: I do two rounds of 20 volume developer bleaching, and what is shown in the picture below is after my first round…. my natural roots are much darker than this!Part your Hair - DIY Platinum Blonde Hair Tutorial

3. Now you have to mix your first round of ingredients: Developer and Lightener. The developer is the peroxide that helps the lightener (bleach powder) activate and essentially work.

Now depending on whether you get the mini packs or the big tub, there will be instructions as far as how much of each you mix in. I normally eyeball it now and make it so it’s generally the consistency below.

Mix Ingredients for DIY Platinum Blonde Hair Tutorial from Sutton and Grovetools to do my own blonde hair in a certain way4. This is the part where it will be a bit different from either doing your full head vs just roots, which really is just how much hair you’re going to cover.  The method for application is the same for both, you just start from one of the sections and work your way around. Now, this may be somewhat subjective (and I’ve tried both ways ) but I light to start with the top sections first and then do the bottom last.

I personally like to make sure my top and my front are covered well but honestly, it almost doesn’t fully matter. Then just work your way through, using the back pointy part of the hairbrush to gather a straight, thin section of hair. Apply the mixture from root to end (and if you’re doing your roots, don’t cross over too far of your previous hair but JUST ENOUGH to make sure it doesn’t leave a brown streak), and apply on both sides of the section.

NOTE: Leave the very wispy perimeter of your hair alone till you’ve gone through the first two sections. The baby hairs lighten a lot quicker so you don’t need to leave it on as long…I’ve learned this the hard way a couple of times! lol

Brush on to your hair - DIY Platinum Blonde Hair guide from Sutton and Grove Looking in the mirror while doing my own blonde hair Mixture of purple and blonde hair5. Once you’ve made your way through your sections, watch the clock and leave it on for no longer than an hour (or whatever the directions say to leave it on for.) Obviously, the first sections will lightener sooner than the others, so just watch it and if need be you can wash out the first sections off if you need to.

Then hop in the shower and wash that stuff off, using only the shampoo for now.

I like natural shampoo from either Plaine Products or OGX. You can read more about Plaine Products HERE and you can purchase their natural organic body wash, shampoo or conditioner HERE

6. Now, this is going to depend on your hair. I’m going to guess your hair isn’t going to lighten completely the first round of only 20 developer (unless its a lot lighter than mine). I’ve always done two rounds of this process before I tone, and that’s just because I know I can get the exact color that matches without getting too burnt the first round. You’re wanting a very pale yellow like the color of the inside of a banana, and as you can see from the first level I got in the first pictures, my hair was not light enough to get to the matching color. The toner won’t make it lighter, all the toner will do is help take out some of the yellow tones and even out the color.

So you’ll have to make a call on this.

If you do do it a second time, obviously be more careful so it’s not going to get too far.

If you’re really nervous there’s a method called Bleach Bath, which is combining  1/2-1 part shampoo to 1 part lightening mixture (the final mixture of both developer and lightener). This ‘waters down’ the bleach. This is the method I did originally on my whole head to make sure I didn’t overdo it.

So if you’re going to do it the second time, my suggestion is to wait a day so it has time to rest….. or if you are desperate and don’t have the time I’ve given myself for it, then throw some more coconut oil over your head and start the process over again, and wash it with shampoo when done, and lightly dry it for the toner.

Stuff you need to do your own blonde hair in platinum What you need to do your own blonde hair a platinum style7. Now, this step is the final step that will seal and make that pretty platinum blonde hair color shine. You need to mix the T-18 Wella toner with the 20 developer. Again, there are instructions on the measurement which I believe is a 2:1 ratio, but make sure to check it. For my roots, I only use half the bottle of the toner, but this is because I mainly only do my roots and run a little bit through the rest near the end. So depending on what you’re doing, you can either use the full or half bottle. Mix it well until it turns into flubber/pudding consistency.

It will slowly turn purple, which is what you want, so don’t be alarmed.Painting on the blonde dye

Purple hair oh no! DIY guide to blonde hair8. Now, this is pretty straightforward to apply. Because your hair is a bit rough, apply it gently, but start applying from roots to tip (for the full head) or just roots covering your entire head. Like I mentioned above, it will start off clear but slowly turn purple as you keep going. Leave this on for as long as it suggests. I normally leave mine on for around 15-20 ish minutes. What will happen if you leave it on for longer is you will end up with partly light purple hair… which is fine, because it does wash out after like two washes, but that’s not the greatest if you need to go out right away so don’t over do it!

Around five minutes left, I usually comb it through my whole head to lightly get an even coloring. Because the toner is a permanent color, I don’t do my whole head every time just so it’s not coloring the previous color, but it does brighten it up so I do it for the last five just to get a whole head brightening!

Blowdrying blonde hair9. Now, just wash it out, making sure to shampoo AND condition and then you’re done!!

Final look at DIY Platinum Blonde HairI’m pretty careful now that I’ve been doing my own platinum blonde hair for over a year on my own. I sometimes get help to do the back portion, but usually, just use a double mirror and get creative. I do want to throw caution and disclaimer that I’m no professional and have only figured out how this works for me, I don’t even know if I would be willing to do it on my friends head only cause their color is different than mine. So if you are going to be ballsy and go for it, just make sure to ask the chicks at the beauty store any suggestions they may have, and just don’t go too far, because once you go too far, there’s no fixing the damage.

I’m a real nut about keeping my platinum blonde hair shiny, smooth and as healthy looking as possible, and I like to do on occasion a coconut oil treatment, which is simply just applying warm coconut oil on my whole head before bed, (sleeping with a towel on my pillow) and just washing it out in the morning.

Take caution and have fun!! If you want to attempt this DIY here’s an easy collection of what you’ll need below.



DIY Platinum Blonde Hair guide from Sutton and Grove


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