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This holiday season Pencils of Promise has the goal of funding 25 schools across Ghana, Guatemala and Laos. Helping children in poverty across the world receive the education they need is the driving force behind POP.

They are an organization dedicated to bringing quality education to kids that wouldn’t have access to it otherwise. There are so many wonderful organizations out there doing impactful things and POP is no exception. Founded in 2008 they have helped establish and build over 380 schools across the world providing education to many a young life. It is estimated that over 250 million kids worldwide lack reading, writing & math skills. Without these skills their chance of escaping poverty is slim to none.

Founder Adam Braun’s story began with just a simple pencil and a question. He asked a little boy begging a question:

“What do you want most in the world?”

The little boy replied: “a pencil.” So Adam handed him a pencil and watched the little boy light up a big smile shone on his face. From there Adam backpacked the world and handed out thousands of pencils and began connecting with children and parents all over the place. The idea for Pencils of Promise came out of these conversations and wow what an inspiration.

Pretty awesome story and its pretty cool what the power of a single interaction can do to somebody’s heart.




POP partners with the local community to establish a lasting bond and a develop a school system that is sustainable and will actually help the kids. Leadership of the schools is 100% local and the communities also contribute to the school build whether that be through intensive labour or providing the construction materials needed for the job.

Being the cynical fellow that I am quite often the first thing that comes to mind when I encounter a new helps organization is wondering, ‘how much of my money is going to staff, expenses and rent and how much is actually going to help the cause?’

With POP 100% of your donations go directly to the cause.  POP covers their operational costs through private donors, events and companies.

They are certainly an inspiring organization and worth supporting, bringing education to children in poverty who couldn’t otherwise access it is a worthy mission.


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If you felt inspired by this blog post and POP then why not join in and give the gift of education this holiday season!

Pencils of Promise

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