When we first arrived in San Francisco, we met up with Dara (and her husband Justin) the beauty behind BREVITY. We had a great chat together talking about her brand, life, how similar we are, procrastination and our desire to travel the world! I did a review on this amazingly soft and versatile vegan motto leather jacket HERE.

We were able to explore a bit the second day which was so great because the sun was finally shining and the weather was warm enough to wander around without being too cold! We were able to find waldo(s), gaze at the beautiful architecture and reminisce over the similarities San Francisco has to New York city (minus the palm trees and cool trolley cars).


We made a quick stop in to grab brunch at THE PLANT CAFE. This place is so cool. It was located right in the business district with high ceilings and a fresh and clean atmosphere. They have 8 locations all around San Francisco and every cafe sells a variety of delicious healthy food made exclusively with 100% organic and local ingredients. Their poultry is free range and organic and the seafood they serve is wild/sustainable. I had one of their amazing juices and I gotta say it was pretty great! If you’re in the San Francisco area ever, I’d definitely recommend you check this place out.


Our strolling took us down by the water where Levi’s headquarters is located and we were able to get a little shopping in. Their office building is huge and they had a little shop near the front entrance for guests and visitors that stop by. Did you know that Levi’s has been one of the longest running responsible brands out there? To read more check out a recent blog post I wrote HERE where I feature a gorgeous Levi’s top from a great Canadian boutique Arc Apparel.


OKAY! So has anyone else’s bubble been popped when they went to visit the Full House house?? For one, how they filmed the beginning credits on the show that I watched throughout my childhood and now presently over the past years I am certain they made this house look like it was on one of those crazy hills (which by the way are really crazy, and we had to drive up and down a few to get here). Well, spoiler alert… it is not. It is on an average flat street, NOT across from a luscious green field overlooking the golden gate bridge. Maybe I created this crazy misconception of the famous Full House house, but gotta say it threw me for a loop! None the less, we did our tourist duty and snapped a couple shots for other tourists who came by, got our own and went on with our other tourist exploration.  All in all, I loved San Fran and wish our trip wasn’t so short. I will definitely be going back soon!

If any of you ever want to go and see what I mean about the Full House house, then you can visit the house yourself.

The address is: 1709 Broderick Street, San Francisco 

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