Seyyah is a family-run social necklace business that provides meaningful employment for female mom artisans in their 40s and 50s from Turkey!


The business all began in 2015 when a friend visiting Turkey brought home a lovely necklace for founder Ezgi who loved the necklace! In fact, so did her mom Neslihan who lives in Turkey began designing necklaces of her own because of this inspiration. On the following trip Ezgi made to visit her mom in Turkey, they put their heads together and created a modernized signature necklace and viola Seyyah was born.


The artisans Seyyah employs are moms in their 40s and 50s and for many of them, this is the first paid job they have ever had. Traditionally most women in Turkey didn’t work outside of the home, instead, they were homemakers. While that is no longer the case in the modern-day, women from that generation and prior do not have the same opportunities that the younger generation of women today do.

This is where Seyyah steps in providing employment opportunities and a chance for the mom artisans to show off their talented work.


Inspired by the cats of Istanbul, Turkey, the Daisy Necklace features a 19-inch adjustable two-snap crochet strap with a gorgeous hand-beaded design that makes it super luxurious but still remains lightweight.  My piece was designed by founder Ezgi and made by Leyla who is one of their makers. She’s been employed with the team for 5 months and just recently became a Grandma!

What I love about this particular style, is that it the neutral tones make it easy to style with most outfits.  I like to pair it with a simple black top, or black dress to help the whites and gold pop but it can really be worn with any other outfit too.

They sell a variety of other styles that have neutral tones as well as bright colors, something for everyone!


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