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Charity Water is truly a non-profit worth putting a spotlight on. They are leading the way providing underprivileged people around the world with clean drinking water. I believe that clean drinking water is a fundamental human right. When I am thirsty I turn on my tap and viola, I have a cup of nice cold water. Imagine spending 2 or more hours of your day collecting drinking water. In developing areas in sub-Saharan Africa, southeast Asia, and Latin America this is quite often the case. Their water is often not fit for drinking and can cause sickness and in extreme cases death. Charity Water instigates water projects close to these villages to give people access to clean water. These projects result in clean safe drinking water in these areas.

One thing I love about Charity Water is that 100% of public donations go directly to these water projects.

We all know certain non-profits that are all too willing to take your money and pay them-self a hefty salary and then give the leftover money to the cause. They hide their methods from the spotlight and take advantage of good natured people. At Charity Water, their staff and office buildings are funded privately freeing up the ability to guarantee where your money goes. Charity Water doesn’t shy away from the spotlight, instead they even have an audit as proof for all the doubters out there like me! Still not convinced? Charity Water also proves each project by using GPS coordinates on Google Maps. The map shows all of their completed water projects.



You can feel safe that all of your money is going towards helping another human being get access to clean drinking water. Your money is not paying some guys salary, paying the rent of a building or going towards a project you did not agree to fund. Charity Water is very transparent with how they use your money and where it goes. I think this is awesome and a great model for other non-profits to follow.




Images from Charity Water Media Kit

I don’t know any of the staff personally, however, analyzing their bios it’s quite clear Charity Water has assembled a team of intelligent, talented caring people. For more info, check them out at:


Charity Water