SSEKO DESIGNS started off as a sandal story. Liz, the founder of SSeko Designs designed her first pair of ribbon sandals out of the passion and desire to help provide female high school graduates in Uganda, Africa jobs and  a way to finance their education and livelihood.

This is where the story began and since then has grown into a beautiful and thriving business with more than just strappy sandals being designed and made by these local women, but handbags, accessories and a variety of leather sandals.

“We believe that every woman has a dream. When she has the opportunity to pursue those dreams, we are collectively walking towards a brighter, more just and beautiful world.”

One thing I love about the story and mission behind Sseko Designs is the fact that they say that they aren’t a charity, they don’t give hand outs to these women, they just provide opportunities.  And that vision has expanded beyond East Africa to women of the USA as well.


This program started out of the desire to build community among the women that have begun to work in the Sseko Designs business. The passion to spread the great hope and message of love and community ignited and has spread to passionate women in the US who are apart of the Sseko Fellows program.

They describe this program on their website beautifully: “The Sseko Fellows program is a vibrant community of bright, brave and bold social entrepreneurs who are using their gifts and passions to create impact across the world and in their own backyards”

  1. Join the Team
  2. Connect with women in your community
  3. Share the Sseko Story online and through trunk shows
  4. Earn commission on all sales made (and other perks)

Sseko Designs was one of the first brands that inspired my shift to a more conscious and ethical lifestyle and this Fellows Program I thought was such a clever idea I would have signed up in a heartbeat (if only I lived in the US!)

I would highly recommend looking into this program and their story as it is a great opportunity to get behind a brand and socially conscious business to make a great impact!


As I mentioned above, Sseko Designs sells a lot more than the strappy sandals Liz first designed they have a variety of different styles of sandals and footwear, bags, and other accessories. BUT I am featuring their ribbon sandals the sandals that started it all!

The reason I like these sandals so much is the variety of styles you can design with the straps, as they are removable/interchangeable and you can choose from a variety of different color ribbons and straps to make more than one type of sandal with one base. You can also tie the straps in an endless amount of ways and they have very clear easy to follow tutorials of each tie design HERE.

My favorite unique tie design is the Bohannon’s Best Tie:

I have the  Caramel Leather Stitched Ribbon Sandals in size 9.

They say they fit true to size and I agree, I’m usually in between sizes and have a bit of more narrow foot than average and they fit just right.

The one thing I would say was a bit of a challenge at first was making them fit snug. You really have to pull the ribbons tight so they don’t slide off, but once you get the hang of it you’ll love them. I love that you can have such a variety of sandals all in one, which make for a great addition to any capsule or minimalist wardrobe (and traveling as well).

I also have the white spaghetti straps and the black gladiator ribbons.

The gladiator straps are great for wearing with a shorter dress or shorts to give a bit of an extra accessory to your lower body.  These you have to make sure to pull tight and tie them all the way up your leg so they sit snug on!

The white spaghetti straps are a great alternative to the black and because they are a bit thicker (even though they are thin) they do hold and support your foot almost better than the regular ribbons.


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Ribbon Sandals from Sseko

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