The Archibald Project documents inspiring stories of people and organizations advocating for orphan care, helping solve the orphan crisis. Their powerful storytelling has touched many people and has inspired others to advocate for orphan care as well.


The Archibald Project’s story began in 2011 and was founded by married couple Whitney and Nick Runyon. Their story began when Whitney  a pro photographer) was asked by a female friend to do a normal photography session with her child. After the photo-shoot conversation started flowing  the mom mentioned that she was in the process of adopting a child from Bulgaria and as she was sharing the Whitney felt inspired to go and photograph the adoption process.

The couple documented the adoption process and put the photos on social media. Within a short period of time they got some feedback from a women saying because of Whitney’s photos she was going to pursue adopting a child for her family.

This feedback and organic story was the inspiration that provoked them to launch their orphan care advocacy non-profit the following year in 2012. For 3 years the couple worked full time jobs and built the Archibald Project on the side. Their passion had them both dreaming of making the project their full time gig and in late 2014 they were able to take the risk and do so.

Their mission is to educate, advocate and inspire others through creative storytelling and powerful media on orphan care and inspire people to care and to be moved into some sort of action. Through the power of media they want fewer children to be called orphans.



This spotlight is meant to expose what a inspiring work these guys are doing! For a closer look check them out and watch some powerful adoption stories that will melt your heart.

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The Archibald Project