It’s 12 Midnight and I’m lying awake in bed annoyed with myself that I can’t fall asleep, I’m stuck with all these typical thoughts of a creative. It’s early January 2019 and it’s my last free night before I head back to a 9-5 for a few months. I know that I need to get into a sleep routine so that I set my clock for a week of waking up at 5 am to get in a morning workout and a couple of hours of Instagram growth hacking before I head to the job site.


For those of you who don’t know me my name is Luke and I’m well, I’m a 34-year-old, married Canadian guy who has been living the digital nomad dream. I am a retired travel blogger (hahaha) who returned last month from a year (with a bit of a break in the middle) long journey around the world. My wife Jill and I make our income from various online sources including blogging, photography, social media management,  writing, youtube videos, and various Instagram activities! I also happen to take on various construction jobs in the different places that we live as that was my previous career before joining the digital nomad scene.

We discovered that as we traveled around southeast Asia travel blogging was not our cup of tea, nor was living abroad in Bali or Thailand. Soooo we have returned to our home in BC Canada for a few months to collect our thoughts and plan our next adventure.

You can read the post on why we decided to quit full-time travel blogging HERE.


So as I was saying early, I just couldn’t fall asleep like I wanted to. I really want to get up at 5 am tomorrow(Sunday) and start a good routine for the week. However, the ol brain just would not shut off. As I was lying there suddenly I had the urge to write. So here I am, pounding away on the keyboard, writing down my thoughts from the past few months and wondering to myself if I am crazy for having given up ‘the dream’ to return to western society and a normal job.

I find inspiration a funny thing, I guess as a creative person I struggle to create/write when I am given a timeline. Tell me I need to write something by the end of the day and I’ll struggle to get it done. But if I have the same idea written down as a to-do with a rough timeline, the inspiration will come. When it comes I can stay up all night to get it done and it will be a way better article then if I had written it without the inspiration.

Here’s my challenge, maybe other creatives can relate. I’ve always flown by the seat of my pants, the best things in my life came as a result of random risk-taking and ballsy choices.

  • I went to this church only one time and ended up sitting in front of a guy that I would end up working for 3 years and it was a great job.
  • I went to a leadership school out in New Hampshire as a last-minute decision and it ended up being one of the best years of my life where I met life long friends.
  • I decided to move to Israel on a whim and spent 6 months exploring the country and worked with some amazing people and loved every minute of it.
  • I really wanted to ask this one girl I liked out so I flew to London to ask her out and she eventually became my wife!
  • I took a course on global development because my wife Jill wanted to learn more about the world and that course led us to discover conscious fashion which led us to create our blog which led us to some incredible adventures!

So as you can see some pretty amazing things have come because of just random whimsical choices that didn’t really have a ton of thought put into them. Here’s where the problem comes.


On this past trip, I really thought that this would happen again. Jill and I booked our tickets in September 2019 and I had this feeling like we wouldn’t be coming home for a while. I secretly thought that we would stumble into a great opportunity and stay overseas for a couple years!

The problem is that when we arrived. This opportunity didn’t really materialize. Sure there was some opportunity, we met some amazing people doing amazing things in Bali. The problem was none of it felt right to us, as far as something that we felt to join and become a part of and pour our efforts into. As soon as we left Canada we ended up getting quite a few good opportunities in the United States and the UK but nothing came to fruition really in Southeast Asia or Australia. Which we really thought would happen. Thing is it DIDNT!

So after bouncing around a bit and enjoying some nasi goreng, some pad thai and some sunny beaches we decided that southeast Asia and the whimsical laid back, travel blogging life wasn’t for us and we booked a flight home to Canada.

You can read a more detailed blog post about our why we set out on our trip in the first place HERE


What I realized from the big trip was pretty huge for me. This next phase of life isn’t going to be a random discovery, a random job or a random city but it is going to be:

On Purpose,

With a Plan,

A Start,

A Finish,

and a Clear End Goal. 

For the most part, I have not done life this way. My challenge is how do I keep alive the random creativity and inspiration while switching to creating a detailed plan for my life and a schedule for my days. I know what I want to pursue, the job I would like to do and where I would like to live now the only challenge is achieving those goals!

So while I was disappointed that a random amazing opportunity or job didn’t materialize out of this last big trip that Jill and I did I am excited about the shift in methodology that is taking place for me. Perhaps there will be random encounters along the way that will help spur me forward but in the meantime, I am looking forward to the challenge of crafting a more detailed plan for my days and my life and achieving the goals that are in front of me.

What about you? Do you have clear deliberate goals and an organized life or do you fly by the seat of your pants?

Let me know in the comments and thanks for listening to the thoughts of a creative.

Cheers and Happy 2019 Guys


PS… If in a years time I decide that plans, goals and structure aren’t what I thought they’d be well uh don’t judge me for moving back to Bali ok?? Hahaha

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