b corp

A B Corp is a certification that states that a business meets the most rigorous standards of social and environmental methods of business. The business is transparent with its supply chain, how it makes its money and where it’s coming from and has a business statement and vision that includes contributing to a better world socially and environmentally.


This value statement from the official site of B-Corps sums up what the growing community of certified B Corp businesses are striving towards:


The B Corps movement is helping to shape what a successful business looks like. Business is more than making a lot of money, while that is important and vital to success it should not be at the expense of the social and environmental areas that the business is impacting on a daily basis. If a business is B Corp certified it has made a statement that it is about more than just making money, it is about using business to positively impact the world.

Fashion is a huge industry, within the fashion industry, there is a growing rise in conscious fashion brands that are pursuing eco-friendly, ethical & sustainable business models. If these terms are new for you check out this article that will give you an introduction to the conscious life and how fashion is connected to that.

What is a Conscious Lifestyle

Fashion labels that are committed to these principles are popping up worldwide, creating clothes that are fashionable and created through a conscious business model. Ive compiled a list of 10 conscious B Corp certified fashion brands. Check it out, there are some amazing companies doing incredible things.


01|  Apolis – a clothing label from Los Angeles California. They have invested into projects and partnered with non-profits in Uganda, Peru, Nepal, and Bangladesh and seek to empower communities through economic opportunity. They have modern trendy his & hers fashion that is fashion forward.

02| Oliberte – a premium Canadian footwear company that manufactures high-quality leather shoes made in Africa. They create sustainable jobs via their growing footwear line and are environmentally conscious as they use natural rubber and hormone-free, free-range leather.

03| Patagonia – is an outdoor wear clothing line that makes clothes for outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re a snowboarder, fisher, skier, hiker then this is the fashion label for you.

04| Mud Jeans – a denim brand that believes in a zero-waste policy. Buy a trendy pair of jeans and when your sick of them return them to MUD Jeans and they will recycle the fabric and you can get a new pair that fits your fancy. Contribute to sustainable fashion and purchase a pair of modern, comfortable jeans.

05| Raven + Lily – an ethical fashion label that focuses on empowering women. They partner with female artisans worldwide and create fashion that is environmentally and socially friendly. Clothing is made from local sources, organic materials and some pieces are made via recycled fabric. Raven + Lily specializes in apparel and accessories for women that are fashion forward and chic.

06| Reformation – an edgy women’s clothing line out of Los Angeles, Reformation is a stylish lifestyle brand that creates eco-conscious fashion that is both sustainable and chic. They design, manufacture and ship their apparel in their LA Factory.

07| Chilote Shoes – create the comfiest wool slippers, made responsibly in Patagonia Chile.

08| Better World Fashion – is a fashion brand from Denmark that creates premium designer leather jackets that are sustainably produced from recycled materials. Striving for a zero-waste fashion model, Better World Fashions leather jackets can be bought with a buyback guarantee or can be rented to you.

09| United by Blue – is an outdoor clothing label from Philadelphia, USA. They create goods that are responsibly and durably made. Every time they sell a product one pound of garbage is removed from oceans and waterways; this is organized and carried out by the company.

10| Dansko – creates high-quality comfortable footwear and has built their company on a conscious business model. Their office building is LEED Certified, has an entire wall of plants and pays their employees to volunteer! how cool is that?

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