Woobamboo creates eco-friendly oral care products featuring biodegradable natural bamboo toothbrushes, floss and natural toothpaste; all packaged in recyclable materials.


WooBamboo toothbrushes are made from a type of bamboo that is extremely high-quality: Moso.  Moso Bamboo is a very strong type of bamboo, when it matures after about 5 years it produces the densest and hardest fibers of any other type of bamboo species. This makes it a long lasting type of bamboo perfect for every-day use.

Moso Bamboo is the premium green option among the bamboo species. Why? Well for starters it is the fastest growing plant on the planet, it grows up to 1 meter a day! Moso Bamboo is also anti-microbial which prevents the spread of bacteria and fungi, a valuable commodity for a toothbrush!

It is an endless resource as harvesting the mature stems does not harm the mother plant, truly a sustainable option!

Woo’s Moso bamboo is grown organically in the mountains of China, where 20% of the world’s Moso bamboo is grown. The toothbrushes are carefully crafted in a family owned workshop.


WooBamboo toothbrushes are made with natural, biodegradable bamboo and packaged with recycled and recyclable materials. How’s that for a green toothbrush?!

Woo has also created eco-floss made from natural silk and it’s packaged in a plant-based shell. It’s the first eco-friendly floss that I’ve encountered, the string is strong and the packaging is sustainable making it a great addition to your dental care.

Finally, there’s a variety of tasty natural kinds of toothpaste available that are free from any harmful chemicals and made certified cruelty-free! Their toothpaste comes in Vanilla Mint, Marshmellow, Sweet Cinnamon and Bubble Berry.  My  personal favorite is the ‘Marshmellow’ which is the best tasting toothpaste I’ve ever tried. It’s like eating candy before bed. Jill likes the Vanilla Mint 🙂

WooBamboo’s eco-friendly organic products have been created with less, chemicals, less processing, fewer emissions and less waste without sacrificing any quality whatsoever. Their toothbrushes are made with the highest quality bamboo using natural, sustainable bamboo. Their dental care is the perfect solution for eco-conscious consumers.


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